Terry Donnelly is a photographer based in The Northwest of The UK, and has been specialising in supplying Architectural  photography throughout The UK and Middle East since 2007. Having worked on projects ranging from initial planning, construction, progress recording, completed projects, preservation and hotel assignments, each image is individually created to the clients specification and needs. 


Working with a mix of available light sources and artificial light introduced by Terry, the mood, atmosphere and authenticity of a space is captured. Cutting edge digital cameras and specialist lenses are used to reproduce faithful views and records of the spaces being photographed. 

Other photographic interests include working on professional sporting events, supplying images to the national and international press, and a variety of personal projects, that include fine art, creative work, and military aircraft in low level flight.

Terry is also a highly successful exhibition photographer, having over 500 pieces of work exhibited Internationally, in 23 countries, receiving in excess of 100 international awards.

Since 2014 Terry has been awarded 4 of the highest available distinction awards available by submission from 4 different photographic bodies.

These include:
Masters with The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (2014) Fellowship with The Royal Photographic Society (2015)
Fellowship with British Photographic Exhibitions (2015)
Fellowship with The Societies (2016)

Terry has won 4 'Photographer of the Year' awards in the last 3 years, and has received a further 4 nominations. 
Details of Sports and personal photography work can be seen on Terry's personal website by clicking here.